How to avoid gingival atrophy caused by orthodontics

- Jan 29, 2020-

Because the period of tooth orthodontics is relatively long, it is possible to cause some oral diseases during this process due to various reasons. Then we will talk about a serious problem today-gingival atrophy.

Let's get to know the "gingival atrophy"

Gingival atrophy is a common oral disease. Generally speaking, it is closely related to changes in our daily oral conditions, mainly the alveolar bone and gums-also known as "dental meat".

The relationship between them is as close as the fur, and the amount and quality of the alveolar bone are directly related to the height and amount of the gums in the mouth. If the alveolar bone is overabsorbed due to age, periodontal disease and other reasons, the gums will certainly shrink accordingly. The manifestation is that the root part of the tooth that could originally wrap around the tooth has shrunk, and part of the root has been exposed.

And many braces babies will have gum atrophy during the correction process. The gums slowly retract, and the exposed teeth appear to be more and more. Then many "black triangles" appear one after another, eventually leading to correction From metamorphosis to rework!

So why does orthodontics cause the gums to shrink?

Gingival atrophy is caused by the dysfunction of local nutritional metabolism of the gums. The gums cannot be digested and absorbed to vitamin nutrition, and they have been in a malnourished state for a long time.

Due to the long orthodontic period (usually 1.5 to 3 years), the appliance has a long-term rejection reaction in the oral cavity and gums. Therefore, the probability of periodontitis and gum atrophy during orthodontics is relatively high, especially Metal correction. This long-term rejection will inevitably cause or exacerbate the obstacles to local nutritional metabolism of the gums, and it is likely to cause gum atrophy and periodontitis.

How to avoid gum atrophy during correction?

1. See your doctor promptly

At this time, you should seek professional treatment from the attending doctor in time. First check the cause of gum atrophy. If it is caused by the rejection of the braces, you should remove the braces in time and then treat the gums.

2. Pay attention to oral hygiene

Should maintain good oral hygiene habits, develop a good habit of brushing teeth in the morning and evening and mouthwash after meals, use soft toothbrushes when brushing teeth. If you can't clean the area with dental floss, you should try to use anti-inflammatory drug toothpaste to clean it.

3. Adjust your eating habits

In normal times, you should also pay attention to healthy diet. You should eat more light food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat more fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin c. They can play a role in clearing heat and detoxifying. Oral cavity. You can also drink more milk to supplement calcium, you can also drink more ribs soup, can play a role in calcium supplementation, is also conducive to dental health.

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