Popular Science Knowledge-orthodontics Knowledge

- Jul 03, 2020-

Popular science knowledge-orthodontics knowledge

    Malocclusion is a developmental malformation of teeth and maxillofacial region, which is usually manifested as malalignment of teeth, abnormal tooth occlusion, and can also be accompanied by malformation of jaw development, lip openness, facial imbalance, etc.

Misaligned teeth can increase plaque buildup, prevent oral cleaning, and significantly increase the prevalence of dental caries and periodontal disease; abnormal occlusion can also affect oral function such as chewing and pronunciation; in addition, it is very important that malocclusion deformities Damages people's image, destroys people's self-confidence, and even affects people's mental state and even the future life path. At present, having a neat and beautiful teeth has become a sign of health and confidence.

Many patients worry that orthodontics will loosen the teeth and reduce the service life of the teeth. In fact, orthodontic treatment is a movement of teeth in the physiological range. Except for a very small number of patients with specific constitutions, the treatment will cause obvious root absorption. Has a significant impact on dental health. Temporary loosening of teeth during treatment is inevitable and normal, and will disappear naturally after treatment. However, orthodontic treatment increases the burden on the teeth and increases the difficulty of oral cleaning due to the presence of orthodontic accessories. If oral hygiene maintenance is unfavorable, gingivitis and periodontitis will be promoted and aggravated, and secondary caries. Therefore, the maintenance of oral hygiene is essential in orthodontic treatment. It affects the treatment effect and dental health. It is particularly important for adults and patients with periodontal disease. If oral hygiene maintenance is unfavorable, it will inevitably cause irreversible dental health. influences. Some patients are hesitant because of orthodontic tooth extraction, worrying about the adverse effects of the reduction in the number of teeth or the gap between extractions cannot be closed. In fact, many malocclusions occur because the jaws cannot accommodate these existing teeth. Tooth extraction is to create gaps to align the dentition and adjust the occlusal relationship. It is to achieve aesthetic and functional perfection, which is beneficial to Oral health, and there will be no gaps.

    In short, orthodontics is a long process that requires close cooperation between doctors and patients to achieve the desired treatment effect. It is best for patients to understand the necessary knowledge and clarify their treatment requirements before orthodontics begins. In the process of orthodontics, it is necessary to pay enough With patience and hard work, he can adhere to regular follow-up visits and good cooperation. After the orthodontics is completed, it will be maintained for 1.5 years. Some patients need to stay longer or even for life. Having achieved these points, I believe you will be able to have a healthy and beautiful tooth, and thus have a more beautiful and confident life.

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