Women's Online Shopping For Orthodontic Braces Results In Inability To Bite

- Jul 03, 2020-

Women's online shopping for "orthodontic braces" results in inability to bite

On July 1, the reporter learned from the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine that a woman had recently been unable to bite her mouth due to the online purchase of "whole tooth artifact" and "self-help orthodontics." After diagnosis, it was diagnosed as temporomandibular joint disorder syndrome, accompanied by "irreversible arthrodesis." Experts suggest that people in need should be scientifically orthodontic.

  24-year-old Lili (pseudonym) usually engages in live webcasting. She has been troubled by dental problems. After searching on an online shopping platform, Lili bought orthodontic braces.

  Lili said that compared with the orthodontic cost of tens of thousands of dollars in professional dental clinics, the "orthodontic braces" treatment is short and cheap, which makes me quite emotional. After placing an order to purchase, Lili began to wear it according to the instructions. After wearing the "Tooth Dental Artifact" for one month, Lili felt that her teeth began to ache violently, and it was difficult to bite normally. Even eating and speaking were difficult, so she went to the oral center for treatment.

After examination, the doctor found that Lili's maximum mouth opening was less than two cross fingers, and the bilateral chewing muscles had varying degrees of tenderness, and the big teeth also had symptoms of occlusal pain, and even abnormal looseness; not only that, the results of MRI examination showed that Lili oral cavity The articular disk has "irreversible arthrodesis."

   Lin Jun, deputy director of the Department of Stomatology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, reminded everyone that the size and curve of each dental arch are different. The online shopping for braces is basically one size and there are errors. If it is forcibly used, it may cause tooth pain if it is mild, and it may cause loosening and loss of teeth, occlusion trauma, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and nerve necrosis.

"Regular orthodontics requires X-rays, oral CBCT, and dental model making. The orthodontist will formulate a treatment plan after fully evaluating the degree of deformity of the patient's teeth and jaws. In addition, before orthodontics begins, it will also experience Preparations for washing teeth, filling teeth, extracting teeth, treating periodontal disease, etc.

"The scientific orthodontics is to wear a brace (orthodontic bracket) and apply a gentle external force to each tooth to promote its slow movement. The compressed alveolar bone is gradually absorbed and reconstructed until the tooth moves to the ideal position. This usually takes 1-3 years."

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