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Model No.:N2115 Slot:0.022 Hook:WITH OR WITHOUT HOOK Material: Stainless steel 17-4 Place of origin: Hangzhou, China HS: 9021100000 Ordered by set: 7-7
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Will lingual braces give me a lisp?

The short answer is yes. When you speak, your tongue touches the backs of your teeth to make certain sounds. Since the brackets are on the back sides of your teeth, your speech is going to be affected when you first get lingual braces.

While all types of braces can temporarily interfere with your speech patterns, 2014 researchTrusted Source found that your speech could be different for a month or more with lingual braces.

StudiesTrusted Source have also shown that the degree of the speech impairment could vary depending on which brand of brackets your orthodontist uses.

Some patients have had success correcting the lingual lisp using speech therapy techniques. Eventually, though, your tongue will get accustomed to the braces and your speech should return to normal.

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