MIM Sandblasted Metal Bracket

Model No.:H101S/H102S/H103S/H104S
Hook: Without hook,3W/H,345W/H
Material: Stainless steel 17-4
Place of origin: Hangzhou, China
HS: 9021100000
Ordered by set: 5-5
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Product Details


Biocompatible 17.4 grade stainless steel produces a rugged stent that is patient compatible. Available in standard and mini sizes. METAL Brackets uses the most advanced base design combined with torque to provide ultimate full rotation control. Each bracket composite contour base is anatomically designed for precise fit. Simplified stent placement and improved bond strength help simplify your work.

One-piece construction bracket system.

The bracket is a MIM, one-piece structural bracket system. When using the one-piece structural stand, you will never encounter any loose pads.

Provides 30+ Newton bond strength and sandblasting foundation.

MIM technology, hard 17-4 stainless steel metal

One-piece structure, 80-mesh base

Sandblasting base

Low profile wing design for easy lashing

Industrial best 0.002 accuracy error

Provide .018'',. 022' plot

All available general purpose systems


Sandbasted Mesh Base provides high bond strength.

17-4 medical grade stainless steel and MIM technology for accurate data, strength and durability.

Traditional metal stents provide the most stable system and are a good choice for orthodontists and patients.

The smooth edge design achieves low friction.

The price is low but the quality is high.



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